Accurate Exterior
Accurate Exterior

Brick Work

Masonry Construction provides long- lasting buildings,structures or projects out of a variety of masonry materials. We offer complete mason build outs to minor repairs.




Roofing Construction provides a cover to all kinds of structures and is available in in a variety of  styles,clors and systems. We offer both complete tear off and installation as well as minor repairs.


Tuckpointing is the process of filliling both head joints and bed joints with mortar between brick,block or stone. This is a very important repair done to masonry construction to conserve a buildings structual integrity an prevent any wtaer leakage.



Chimney Rebuild

Chimney's are vital to the proper ventaltion of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases out of your home or structure.


Accurate Exterior: Building Chicago's Future

Accurate Exterior is a general contractor specializing in residential and commercial construction. We serve the Chicago land area and beyond, on projects ranging from new construction to both small and large renovation jobs. Accurate Exterior takes pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, making sure the project is completed on time, on or below budget and they are truly satisfied with the results. 

Accurate Exterior will assist you at every stage, from preconstruction to completion. Check our website to learn more about the services we provide. We're proud of our achievements. Visit us to explore our portfolio and see a sampling of our completed work. Our friendly and professional team will help you to get the proper answers that you seek.

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